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I had to make it seem possible, and desirable. I had to sell him on the vision. Once he agreed, it was the where, and the when. Too many times we catch that vision and deem something too hard, too scary, too out of reach. We weigh it against the problem we have, or the idea we imagine, or the product we could create. We feel a passion, and a desire to realize the dream.

Maybe your dream is a full time income, or a home of your own. It might be to share your passion with others, and encourage them to dream. And sometimes, the most crazy-where-did-that-even-come-from desire comes from him. So if we believe that, then that makes anything and everything possible. I thought it meant giving up everything I was for him. But at the time, I thought I was making the responsible, adult decision.

I gave up on my dreams, and even my creativity, so that I could be super mom. First, I was miserable. But after a while of being miserable, I caught a vision of who I was supposed to be, and who God designed me to be. Second, when I did take the one small step towards embracing my gift of creativity; the inspirations and visions of possibility came.

I woke up one night wondering what would happen if I combined wire and fabric. And the vision of a heart sculpture that had fabric and found object woven through it. The dream was to create what I saw in my imagination. The step was to grab my wire and fabric and try to make it.

Dream: get published. Step: find a magazine I like and look up submission guidelines. Dream: write a book. The typical modern lifestyle, from what we eat to how we sleep or don't to the massive overloads of information each day Our disconnect with nature Our disconnect with our own selves. This is in fact truthfully with a capital T what has turned us all into mindless zombie robot slaves. Driven by capitalism, greed, and a love for power And things. We hurt ourselves, and we hurt others, to fulfill mindless desires created by effective marketing. And the worst part, most people don't even know what is going on.

They are unhappy, depressed, unhealthy, unstable. They use substances, things, even people to try to fill their "hole", which feeds this "system of suffering". I've lived a luxurious self created life with a job I hated, and I've lived in poverty for several years to follow my dreams. Before, I was often sick, feeling "lost" or freaking out from the stress and pressure.

Now I am still pretty poor but have learned how little I need to live, how my time is more valuable than money, who my real friends are, etc. It has a more of a dark undertone to it in my opinion. So for me following my dreams or passions or whatever the heck you want to call it, it was difficult, scary, it was going into the unknown, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and involved walking into other silenced fears I had. So one my passions, dreams that i had from the age 5 that I clearly visioned and was lucky to identify was being a "Soldier".

It was something I obsessed about, everything I done was military orientated, from always wanting to be outside, rolling In the mud, to camping, paintballing, army cadets, war films, I couldn't even go for a nice sunday walk with my parents without clinging onto a stick pretending it was a gun, and shouting targets 12 o'clock! And then running around like a headless chicken. This went on untill my early teens, when secondary school was coming to an end and and collage started.

I started to lose site of my passion for the military during college, which was quickly replaced with new exciting hobbies like chasing girls, I'm a male by the way.. Life was good! I was happy, content. After college had finished, the realisation comedown started. I didn't know what heck was going on, I was confused and lost, my friends seemed to know what they were doing, or did they? Who knows! So the whole time the military was in my subconscious is was like a splinter that wouldn't go away, this went on for years, well until I was 22 in fact, I had all kinds of jobs up to this point, with no real excitement or joy with whatever I was doing.

Everyday just felt like a drag, sure I had a routine, I had money, health, good friends, but I was the only one that seemed misrable some how, after a while I got really depressed with the notion that this is it And then months later with support from my family, I started to see my goals I life, that splinter in my head finally came out, I pulled myself togther somehow which seemed impossible regarding my circumstances, and told my family and myself that I was joining the military.

It seemed radical at the time, I didn't know if I was mentally able to do this, i also felt maybe I was doing this as means to escape from it all. But I came to the realisation that the military was a fear of mine but at the same time was something I knew deep down was going to make feel complete, I neglected the idea of joining all these years because I feared what poeple told me, that I could get killed in action which yes was initially true, i could lose limbs and be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life, the list goes on. But personally for me there was other personal reasons for not joining.

Throughout chilhood and adulthood I was never a big socialiser, I was always the quiet one who was in the background biting his nails with sweaty palms, I suffered from mild social anxiety, but would always engage in conversation if someone talked to me, this always resulted in me being judged, or socially rejected.

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So I feared the military because, I had no self confidence, social anxiety, I feared being rejected by fellow colleagues. Small issues for some, but they were massive for me. So I faced my fears head on and joined, i began my basic training with a bunch of strangers which were soon to become the best friend's I'd ever have and a drill instructor hurling abuse In my face, I'd thought that this couldn't be my dream! These were my fears! So after months of mental and physical conditioning, i couldn't belive I had made it, I was exhausted, the struggle made my anxiety and fears none existent, I was more concerned about when I could get some shut eye, or do some socialising.

Give me 50 pushups! I'm actually living my childhood dream! And now I'm world's apart from what I was back home, confident, happy, optimistic, and enjoy being the centre of attention now, which would of never happened back in the day. But now basic is over I've made some of most loyal friends I could of ever make, and I absolutely love my job!

Yeh there's time when it's tough, like being deployed or hearing that a close friend had been wounded or killed in action, but at the end of the day, this is all part of my job. But not one day goes bye that wish I was doing something different. So to you lost souls out there, disregarding your age or excuses, think back into your childhood and what was it, that you always wanted to be, really think about it.

out of reach

You seemed pretty passionate about what you wrote. So I read your other posts. And they were very insightful as well. Which left me disappointed. Because you have found your passion under sheep's clothing. Which doesn't go to say I have anything against you. You are a wonderful writer. And I'm sure you help many people sleep better. Tbh Everyone is different.

No one should be envious of passionate people. Passion doesn't have to be defined by being an activist. It can be someone's passion to be a good mother. It can be a passion to write blog post and express yourself like your doing now. Instead of looking for passion look for what moves your heart and makes you happy. I don't think its healthy to give people excuses on why not to try to break out of the usual if their not happy in it.

Most of us only want stability and peaceful happy contentment. If your happy and content being a single struggling mother then that's fine, live. If not, she can give mins of her life to try to take steps to change her life into a place she can happy to wake up to. Even if the steps are small it's still a start. A lot of people who look for articles about finding a purpose because there is an empty void in their life.

They aren't happy. What's wrong with wanting to be happy and having the courage to find it? People lack courage to find there true happiness.

Guest opinion: The American Dream is alive and well

Suicide rates are rising all over the developed world as people tuck there dreams into a little box and put it under the bed to focus on surviving. Every human needs "purpose" to have a healthy mentality. That purpose can be being a parent, blogger, fireman or even completing projects at work. Imagine a life where there was no reason behind anything you do. Every action we make has intent and purpose behind it. Life without purpose seems to me to be a sad existence. I think its hard for a lot of us to be honest with ourselves about what we really want because it seems hard or unobtainable.

Sorry I know this post is very old but, this phrase can be seen by so many different point of views, especially if your "passion" is More of a Hobbie passion as in "cant really make a living off of it" But if you have a passion that can make some money then heck go for it, Most likely you will have no regrets doing what you love eg, culinary,animation, game design? BUT not everyone has a passion, which is not really a bad thing, and i would say feel good time passers and passions are kinda different.

A huge counterpoint to this article even with all the practical sense it makes is the most common regret that the dying have according to a nurse who took care of them. Yes, that means exactly what you think it means. They wish they had accomplished more of what they had wished to accomplish, i. I don't plan to have this regret, so I'm taking the hard road of professional musicianship to capitalize on my greatest talent.

For the source, please google "Top 5 regrets of the dying" and you will find the article about the book. I am so glad I listened to my own internal GPS. No I wasn't "following my bliss" to accept a fulltime military position, I was sucking it up and taking an opportunity handed to me with gratitude. I developed so much as a person and ultimately took the drive and commitment I had to find in myself then and applied it to getting an Associates Degree from a communitiy college that has opened up a career in service to others that I am excited about.

Is this inspirational self-help classic really that helpful?

It was a long hard road full of sacrifice, commitment, challenge, boredom, frustration, fatique, adventure, monotony, loss, sadness and joy. I would not change a thing. I am so much better prepared to be of service to others and accept the ups and downs of it all. I am so glad I did not sit and spin on my rear, with my head up my butt expecting "my passion" to fill me and color my world for nothing because I didnt want to be a "sheeple".

In losing myself I found myself. Unlike many of my peers, I feel I have had an opportunity to develop into an adult, when this society seems hellbent on keeping us in adultlescence, obsessed with our desires and appearance, wishing for celebrity status on facebook or twitter, or being the best at pokemon go. Don't believe the hype.

I recently started my own business making custom cakes and treats. My business, Hush Hush Cakes and Confections, has allowed me to follow my passion, not just my dream. To be successful, you have to be passionate for the work you do no matter what industry you are in. Melissa Kirk is a freelance editor and writer specializing in psychology and nonfiction.

Contrary to common perception, technology use supports social connection. The secret you don't want to know about ending relationship suffering. How can we support productive employees who experience mental health issues? Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Unintended Consequences and the Cerebral Cortex.

Melissa Kirk Test Case. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Pardon the sarcasm. You've survived this long! Purpose and passion. Submitted by antonella on April 6, - am. Why is it so hard to appreciate what we have? To relax and enjoy the good life?

RE: westerners don't do zen Submitted by Anonymous on April 3, - am. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Andrew Wilson. Maybe there are other reasons as well, just my two cents.

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Always feeling its not enough Submitted by Gene Martin on January 3, - am. I completely relate to this Submitted by RnC on April 3, - pm. Great Submitted by jean on March 18, - am. The cause of this feelings in Submitted by Michal on March 30, - am. Perhaps we just have to Submitted by S. Austins on April 5, - pm. Maybe Submitted by Whatever on December 29, - am. Achilles: Thats why no-one will remember your name. What matters Submitted by deadend1 on October 23, - pm.

Work and love, if you are Submitted by Morten Melgaard on April 3, - pm. Work and love, if you are lucky, you can work with what you love. A Poem in A Pin Submitted by Oracle on April 3, - pm. Thanks to your Submitted by anonymous on April 3, - pm. Well, you have to admit, Submitted by Anonymous on April 3, - pm. There seems to be Submitted by Here for you on July 5, - am.

This is a very wonderful article. Submitted by Satsue on September 13, - pm. Agree whole heartedly. Submitted by Ron on August 12, - pm. Well Said Submitted by Lyndi on August 1, - am. Get a Clue Submitted by Anonymous on December 14, - pm. Opinionated but we all get those :- Submitted by Zach on January 27, - pm. In-depth analysis though! Great read! For a lighter context, check out my life blog! Thank you! Not so fast Submitted by George on March 28, - pm.

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I think you make an excellent Submitted by Anonymous on May 8, - pm. Submitted by Anonymous on August 12, - pm. You said it Submitted by Shee on September 5, - am. You said it perfectly. I felt the pressure of the Submitted by Anonymous on September 9, - pm. There you go, Anonymous Sept. Submitted by Shee on September 9, - pm. It's kind of funny Submitted by Zvonko on February 3, - pm. Thank you. Thank Submitted by W Jone on February 23, - pm. Just stop convincing the world that they can't do whatever they want. Seriously Submitted by NobodyRocks on April 14, - am.

Wake Up and Follow your dreams!!!! Submitted by Lindsay C on November 6, - am. Your dreams can be your fears. Submitted by Robin. B on November 8, - am. Then one monday morning, I had a breakdown, I'd had enough, I quit my job, I just gave up. I bacame a recluse, I stopped socialising, I didn't see my friends much. So there you have it!

Sorry if this was too long and congratulations and a thankyou for reading this far. And just act on your thoughts, live what you think. Take action! Live your dreams! But then Submitted by Indrasish on November 16, - pm. My take Submitted by Kealah on December 29, - am. Submitted by Staygold18 on April 10, - am. Previous Page 1 current Next. Post Comment Your name. Perhaps that person represents a part of yourself that you restrict. This may be a prison of your own making: you may be imprisoned by old beliefs and rules that no longer serve you well.

You could be stuck in a job or relationship where you lack free expression and independence. Perhaps you don't feel free in your waking life. There may be someone thwarting your progress. Do you escape the prison or do you just do the time? This could be similar to how you manage the issue. Dreams of being chased are rarely positive and tend to fall into the category of nightmares.

If you have a dream of being chased, ask yourself whether you are running away from something in your waking life. If you dream you are under attack from wild animals, primitive feelings may be rearing their heads. What did you do when you were being chased? Did you turn around and face your attacker? Did you run and hide? Did you reach out for help? How does it compare to how you are handling this issue in your waking life - are you confronting the issue, hiding from it or getting some help with it?

Recurring dreams refer to any dream or dream theme that repeats itself. Such dreams are common and tend to take on the form of nightmares, so are highly memorable for the dreamer.

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In reality, many recurring dreams are not as similar as the dreamer often thinks. What is similar is the theme, and the subsequent feeling attached to the theme. For instance, a repetitive dream about being chased will often involve different pursuers and will happen in different environments. The theme that persists is the experience of being chased, indicating perhaps that the dreamer is repeatedly avoiding something. The dream tends to repeat because the issue in the dreamer's waking life is continuing or unresolved.

Once the dreamer approaches this issue in a new way in their waking life, the dream may stop. Dreams about roads tend to represent a direction that you're taking in some area of your life. In your dream, are you driving along a road making progress? Or are you meeting obstacles? Sometimes we're on roads that are treacherous. This may be a sign that in our waking life we're confronting obstacles in a certain area of our life - work, relationship, study. If you reach a dead end in your dream perhaps something has reached its conclusion. A crossroad may reflect your struggles to make a decision.

In some road dreams we are lost and can't find our way. This may indicate that in our waking life we have lost our direction. Schools are places of learning and a reference to childhood and growing up. Ask yourself where in your life you feel you need to go back to school. Schools are also the site of life lessons about friendship, authority and the consequences of fitting in. Do you need to go back to school to learn some of these lessons? Sometimes we revisit a period that's influencing our current relationships.

For instance, difficulties with colleagues could inspire a dream about a schoolyard bully. Are old vulnerabilities at play? Sigmund Freud believed all dreams were sexual. Freud was a pioneer in the dream field and brought much to dream analysis, however his views on the sexual basis of all dreams were not always widely supported. In recent years we have come to see that dreams offer the dreamer a safe place to play out sexual fantasies, express love, feel intimate and have fun.

How you feel about the sex in your dream may give you insight into your sexual feelings in your waking life. If you dream about having sex with someone it may mean you desire them in waking life. It is important not to feel guilty or ashamed of sexy dreams. Like all dreams, they are rich in symbolism, so enjoy them!

Dreams about body parts are common and can hold special meaning. If you dream that you are looking over your shoulder, perhaps you feel that someone or something is sneaking up on you. This could represent an issue or person from your past. Shoulders also signify responsibilities and burdens, as in shouldering an issue or offering a shoulder to cry on. If, in a dream, you are leaning on someone's shoulder, it may indicate you are placing a load of some sort on them or that you are seeking a form of support from them.

How you feel in the dream will help you to work out the meaning of the gesture. Maybe your dream is telling you that you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Snakes are a common dream symbol. They represented healing in ancient times and are also known for shedding their skins, which symbolises transformation. Are you shedding something or experiencing healing? Snakes are also feared and can simply represent something you fear. A snake tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden and she and Adam were punished for their sin. For some, snakes represent feelings of shame, guilt, punishment or temptation.

Sigmund Freud, the pioneer of dream analysis, considered snakes a phallic symbol. Which one of these best describes your dream snake? Many of us think of spiders as encompassing all things creepy and scary. In dreams, spiders can represent the thing you are frightened of in your waking life. For instance, if your dream spiders are running over your school books then perhaps you are finding your current area of study particularly frightening and daunting at the moment.

Alternatively, your dream spider may intrigue you. Did you watch your dream spider and marvel at the details and intricacies of the spider's web? This dream may represent something in your waking life that has a web of intrigue about it and leaves you with a sense of wonder. At some point in our lives, we will all dream about our teeth falling out.

We may be munching on a roll only to discover that our teeth are embedded in the roll. Or worse, we realise our teeth are crumbling. While a dental check-up is always a good idea, this dream may not be about your dental health, but may instead relate to a communication issue. In your waking life, is there something you need to "spit out"? The location of the dream will give you some clues as to its meaning.

Perhaps you were at work, at school or with your partner? Are you holding onto something in your waking life that needs to be said? Is your dream trying to tell you that you have bitten off more than you can chew? Or perhaps you are holding back instead of getting your teeth into something. Dreams about phones can represent communication issues in your waking life. Is there something that needs to be said? A dream phone call may not simply connect you to others, it may also connect you with different parts of yourself.

For instance, if you know you are spending too much time on the couch, maybe you'll get a dream phone call from your inner gym coach. Dream phones often fail, have no dial tone or the dreamer struggles to dial the number. Dreams such as these highlight feelings of frustration and isolation in the dreamer's life. The dreamer may be experiencing difficulties asking for help or communicating their needs to others, and their struggles are depicted in the limitations of a communication device. Dreams about going to the toilet are common. Once your dream world becomes aware of a bodily desire for you to go to the toilet it may assimilate this into your dream and attempt to solve it without waking you.

However, while there may be a physical basis to some toilet dreams, this does not rule out their psychological significance. Dreams of going to the toilet may refer to your need to "flush" something away that you no longer need. Going to the toilet is a private act, so toilet dreams often deal with issues of privacy and exposure in people's waking lives.

This is evident in dreams where toilets fail to provide privacy such as toilets without proper doors or with doors that keep opening. People who have dreams about being trapped may feel stuck in their waking life and can't envisage a way out of the situation. They may be stuck in a job they dislike or they may feel trapped in a relationship that is no longer satisfying. Dreams about traps can also involve the dreamer setting their own elaborate traps. If you find yourself setting a trap in a dream, ask yourself what you are trying to hold on to - is it a job, a boyfriend or maybe a belief?

A tree can symbolise life, knowledge, the self or your family. There are many religious representations of trees so a meaning may apply from your religion. Is your tree robust and bearing fruit or does it have a poor root system and is swaying? A tree such as this may represent your family situation. What does your family tree provide you? Did it give you good roots and grounding? Does it offer shelter or fruit? If you are hanging from a branch, do you feel "out on a limb" in life?

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Do you need to "branch out" into something new or put down new "roots"? Dreaming of a trophy may show you want recognition. Do you feel you don't get the recognition you deserve? Alternatively, maybe your dream world is patting you on the back for your hard work. In what area of your life do you feel you deserve a trophy?

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A trophy in a dream may also be a feeling that someone is parading you around as though you are their trophy. The type of trophy you win will give you an indication of the issue the dream is working on. If you receive a Pulitzer Prize, perhaps your dream is rewarding you for getting your story right or starting a new chapter in your life. If you receive a Nobel Peace Prize, perhaps you are celebrating your efforts to settle a dispute. Dreams about volcanoes can represent intense suppressed emotions that may be bubbling away and are about to explode.

Volcanoes can also be unpredictable and erupt at any time. Is someone in your waking life constantly stewing and do you fear an impending outburst? Perhaps your colleagues are explosive and you feel they may erupt without warning? Volcano dreams often represent anger. Do you feel if you let your feelings out there will be an explosion?

The heat and explosiveness can also represent sexual passion. War dreams can represent actual wars that we've seen in the media or battles we may be confronting in our relationships, at work, at school or within ourselves. Is there an area in your life where you're putting up a fight? Is there an aspect of yourself you feel conflicted about? A war dream may be a wake-up call for you to sort out a conflict in some area of your life. The dream itself may give you clues and possible solutions to the conflict. For instance, if in a war dream you surrender rather than go into battle, maybe your dream world is suggesting you consider a more conciliatory approach when dealing with this particular conflict in your waking life.

War dreams can also warn your body of illness. On some occasions, your unconscious can become aware of an illness before symptoms are present and your dream world go into "battle" against the approaching sickness. Water in your dream is a great indicator of how you are travelling emotionally. When your emotional life is in turmoil you may dream of waves crashing at your feet or of being engulfed by a tsunami. When life is calm and pleasant the water in your dream may be still, calm and inviting.

Dreams about water can also represent the unconscious. We can dream of water when we are bringing unconscious issues to the surface in our day-to-day life. Cloudy waters may represent a lack of clarity in your emotional life, while muddy waters may suggest you are dealing with some unpleasant emotions. Women often dream of water during the first trimester of their pregnancy, which may reflect the forming of the amniotic cavity. Many of us have had a dream where clothes betray us. We're at school in our bathers or at work in sports gear. Clothes represent our outer public self and if we dream we're wearing the wrong clothes, we may be feeling selfconscious in our waking life, or we may feel ill prepared in one area.

If you're a teacher and dream you're in front of the class in a police uniform, you may be struggling to strike a balance between teaching and discipline. If your neck-tie is tight, you may feel constrained by a situation. Wind is one of those elements in a dream that can be as soothing as a light summer breeze or as horrifying as a twister. A breeze in a dream may indicate that in your waking life there is a hint of something new in the air. It may be that something light and breezy has entered your life and, while this new thing has not swept you off your feet, it has gently moved you.