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Cliffs of Moher, Ireland: Salmon Poetry, Subtler echoes of this spirit voice remain in parts 2 and 3, as the poems brighten with themes of family, pets, and childhood memories softened by time. Rise up, Mother.

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Hear my prayer. This is no easy journey; she reminds us often of the gaps in this carefully negotiated inhabitation of time and place. Yet these poems are driven by generosity, allowing readers to find what there is Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Margiloff said. It just gives them the shock of their lives. But with only six volts from a battery, it can't injure children or larger animals, she said. As a test, and in fairness to the geese, Mrs.


Margiloff decided to leave one part of the lawn open to the geese and another part goose-proof. She stretched a inch-high electric fence across one end of a two-acre lawn on a neighbor's estate, where geese were monopolizing the grass near a pond, leaving the shoreline open, so the geese could reach the lawn.

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On the other side, she put the fence along the edge of the water, to keep them out. The proof is as clear as a cleanser commercial on television, where one side of the sink remains dirty and the other gets clean.

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On the geese's side, the grass has been eaten down to the roots, and the ground is strewn with droppings and feathers. On the other, the grass is tall, green and clean. Margiloff has been working with a local landscaper, Vincent Scarpa, in testing her invention, and Mr.

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Scarpa said he was ''ecstatic'' over the results on his client's estate. But I haven't raked this part,'' he said, gesturing to the clean side, ''since May, when the fence went up. Naturally, there have been problems. When Mr. Scarpa mowed the lawn one day, he moved the little fence posts, leaving a path open near the woods, and forgot to put them back. Before he knew it, the geese were goose-stepping down the path, heading for the greener pastures.

Then there was the traitor, the duck from the estate known as Quack Quack. | The Geese at the Gates by Drucilla Wall

The duck bumped into the electric fence one day and was shocked, but discovered it could duck its head and go under the wire. Then Quack Quack discovered a bit of shoreline that had not been fenced off because Mrs. Margiloff had thought it was too steep to attract the geese. View all New York Times newsletters.

The duck managed to get the geese to follow him onto the lawn.

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Margiloff extended the fence. Scarpa recalled that the geese didn't used to be pests, and he speculated that there are more grassy areas than formerly near ponds and streams, and these have kept Canada geese from going back where they belonged - in Canada. He had considered balloons, ''like a World War II anti-aircraft barrage of balloons,'' to keep them away, but decided the balloons would spoil the looks of the grounds. Comments may take up to an hour for moderation before appearing on the site. We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful.

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