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At a maximum of three maters wide and packed with people compressed between the shops and eateries each side, it was hard to believe the amount and variety of food on sale here. Large pots of fish balls bubbled away as families crammed in to throw back large amounts of scoff. Eventually we popped out the other end and decided to find a different way back rather than battling the crowds.

A path took us down the hill and back around to the main road. Sylvia had somehow worked out the bus system so we mounted a bus that struggled to make the tight corners on the winding road over a hill and down to the coast. The Golden waterfall with its yellow colour was well worth a look. Mining has been part of Taiwan for hundreds of years. By copper prices declined and it went broke. We caught a bus from the bay about 20kms around the coast to the large port city of Keelung. Most of the shipping to the north part of the country goes through this port. Here we caught the train back to our hotel at Nangang.

MRT and local rail travel here is cheap and efficient. Although some of the signage rather amusing. After missing out on the cigar bar in Shanghai, given their change of rules, we were pleased to find, after surfing the net, that Taipei has lots of them. A short taxi ride and we arrived at the Cigar Emporium. This bar is really well done with its Art Deco look, leather chairs, great ventilation and good service.

After a relaxing couple of hours we took a stroll to Taipei With the tip at As we stepped through the retail floors we were both really taken with the layout and presentation. Although hard to capture on an iPhone it was up with the best we have seen. Eventually arriving at the viewing deck the views were stunning. We really enjoy going up these tall buildings. During typhoons they close the viewing floors but as earthquakes are unpredictable, people are there when they take place.

There is video of it moving along with the crowd staggering around during a recent earthquake. The ball can move up to a meter and a half which some smart engineer must have worked out will stop the building moving to much and being damaged in such an event. Monday 27 November I had found a pass on line for the Taiwan High Speed Trains; interestingly the three day pass was cheaper than the two day pass. At 75 USD it was also cheaper than a return trip to the bottom of the island. Mid-morning I jumped the train heading south down the west coast. The transport infrastructure here is impressive with many roads, motorways and train tracks on pylons.

They seem to be really good at sticking stuff up in the air. As the train sped south through city after city it was almost like the west coast is just one big city with a bit of bush and a few rice paddies dispersed throughout. I never heard about this! Probably depends what kind of restaurant your on top of. I guess it's good to know someone has studied it and measured it and isn't just shouting racist comments online with no facts. I saw a cockroach crawling on their smoker last time I was there.

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Don't really care though. I think the food is fucking delicious. I wanted to go read the Google Maps reviews but it appears Google disabled the reviews for them. Probably were getting bombarded with "best rats in Gastown! Not defending them; we're probably never going there now that we've seen this video, even though we had planned to. But are there any restaurants on that site that actually do well?

I mean, we live downtown, and understand rats are everywhere, but it seems that this many infractions are the norm. I just wanna say reading that report: food safety is an awesome thing. I'm not saying it solves all problems, but the standards seem high and that gives me a little piece of mind. Government interference caused my wife to leave me and my kids to stop talking to me. I read a few inspections the other day for places we visit and they were pretty good.

Couple of warnings, some critical things and you can see they correct their mistakes as inspections move forward.


The botanist. Indian Roti Kitchen. Thanks, I clicked on about of the restaurants I frequented and all of them weren't much better than the crab park rattery. I'm surprised the downtown Carl's Jr did so well, I go there occasionally love criss-cut fries and always found it to be But I guess their kitchen is kept in good shape. I randomly checked reports on other restaurants, and this is actually not one of the worst, at least from what I found. Well it's a pretty good score for a having a restaurant situated below what is essentially a third world country contained within one building.

Lmao "the lid is sealed after we start making the soup! Did you check it to make sure it was empty and clean before you started cooking with it or did you just grab things and start dumping shit in to it? People were saying it was made offsite now. So was it made onsite and you had the lid on the entire time, or did you bring it in offsite???

A 50 gallon soup pot is the size of your household stove. Theres a heat source underneath which probably attracts rodents. Its probably against a wall or corner and in the rodents path. Theres probably plumbing around it to supply water as you wont be carrying this pot around full. Plumbing means holes through walls and paths for rodents to follow. It doesn't really make sense.

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How can one ladle a 6-inch rat carcass into a single-serving breadbowl without noticing anything? I've eaten at Crab Park countless times, they do employ really young people, and I could see them being somewhat negligent, but not to this extent. Extremely odd. Also, since the soup is made at a commissary kitchen, someone would have poured it from the pot to a transport container, from the container to a rewarming vessel, and from the vessel to the individual bowl. That's a minimum of 3 transfers from probably more than one person from all sorts of sized vessels.

I just can't believe something that size would not have been noticed There's a few reasons someone might not care. Ask anyone who has worked a shitty job for far too long. It isn't that they don't care about the work, or about the job, it's because at some point you realize that some work isn't worth paying attention to. One comment said that staff told them that they got their chowder "out of a box" and heated it up. Allegedly, of course. That would be an interesting catch for the owner.

Either tell people that they aren't to blame because they don't actually make chowder, or accept the blame and say they allowed a rat to get into the chowder while they made it. No win scenario. Saw that. Was it made by Chowdery cooks with a Chowdery recipe, or is it chowder by Mamie Taylor's?

I'm actually not sure. Notice they didn't address the fact that they were trying to dampen the PR nightmare by removing negative comments and getting social media posts removed? In fairness he was probably freaking out that not only is he now associated with something so extreme, he might lose everything over it.

It would be rational to assume rational thought was not present in the first hours. Yeah, right or wrong, a social media story like this will most likely destroy a fairly new establishment. I can totally understand then trying to get ahead of it. The owner definitely has an attitude and is super passive aggressive. Customers may not always be right, but come on, man up instead of arguing with your unhappy customers!

On a human level I feel sorry for them, this might lead them to financial ruin. It will be very hard to shake the stigma. I dont feel badly for them at all. The restaurant was only two years old and already went through the ringer with health violations. Some people just deserve to be shut down. Business isnt for everyone. Yes - tons of health violations plus snarky replies and comments to poor reviews in Yelp and Trip Advisor. Health violations are literally everywhere. Here's Hawksworth. I think the most telling about the whole story is that the cameras were not working.

That to me shows a poor owner. It was high on my list of places to go, because of the bread bowls. Thank god I've been making a concerted effort to cook recently and haven't eaten out in a while. It's gross, the place deserves to close down, but I feel bad the whole business will die because of one precise incident. That's powerful stuff. I'd been wanting to try this place for a while because of the bread bowls and a bud texted me the news article.

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Making lentil soup at home right now with a fieldstone's bread bowl instead, minus the ratfriend. My friend works at a company downtown The company isn't a restaurant it's not even above or below one. Daily Hive: Emotional Vancouver restaurant owner responds to dead rat in chowder.

Ashton Phillips, owner of Crab Park Chowdery, told Daily Hive he and his team are shocked and left scratching their heads after the video and photo of the rodent in a bread bowl of their signature Manhattan Clam Chowder was posted on Instagram. Public health inspection reports from Vancouver Coastal Health show that the eatery has not historically always been in compliance with sanitary food handling and been able to show successfully that the premises is free of pests. Vancouver Coastal Health Authority also noted that there were signs of rodents during an inspection in February Isnt it a restaurant that only makes chowder?

What do they use the kitchen for if soups are made off site? My guess is there just isn't enough room to do all the cooking which isn't really helping their case. Sounds like the kitchen area isn't well suited to be a kitchen but this is all speculation obviously. Sounds like just a badly run kitchen then. All of the ramen shops around town are able to make half a dozen broths that take 3 days to cook, and all the other ingredients in a Den sized kitchen and they junction fine.

Time to close down the shop. All of the ramen shops around town are able to make half a dozen broths that take 3 days to cook, and all the other ingredients in a Den sized kitchen. Is there even a full kitchen? Some owners don't install a full kitchen for fire reasons. Commerical kitchens are complicated beasts.

Whose commercial kitchen is it? Who actually makes the chowder? Did they update the article? I don't think it said that when I first read it. But anyway Are there no cameras in this restaurant? Retrieved: July 25, New York Times. Retrieved July 8, Retrieved: December 19, Retrieved: April 20, McFarland, Retrieved: December 7, Retrieved: April 16, Retrieved: January 29, Retrieved January 17, The Independent. January 4, Retrieved: March 1, Retrieved: May 28, Retrieved November 22, Retrieved December 5, Andrews, Robert.

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