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Rassilon condemned the Doctor's actions and made him an enemy of the Time Lords because of it. On the last day of the Time War, Rassilon intended to spare Gallifrey from destruction by using the Ultimate Sanction to turn the Time Lords into beings of pure consciousness to escape the end of creation.

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Knowing that the Doctor intended to destroy both Time Lords and Daleks by using the Moment , Rassilon contrived to break Gallifrey out of the time-lock that blocked the Last Great Time War from temporal manipulation, and then follow through on his plan. He succeeded. For a brief time, Gallifrey broke free of the time lock and appeared in the skies above Earth. Rassilon was badly hurt by one last attack by the Master , the other survivor, out of vengeance once he realised that Rassilon had deliberately driven him mad and destroyed his life.

Rassilon on Gallifrey. TV : Hell Bent.

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Rassilon screamed all the way through the regeneration, so much that Ohila had to make him "a special draft of potion" to help. After the Doctors united to place Gallifrey in a stasis cube to prevent its destruction, TV : The Day of the Doctor Rassilon began work to place it back in the main universe. Not wanting to return to another war, Rassilon found a weak point in the universe at Trenzalore caused by cracks in time and broadcasted a signal calling to the Doctor to see if it was safe to return. When the signal led to the Siege of Trenzalore , Rassilon continued to wait for the Doctor's signal until Clara Oswald alerted him and the Time Lords to the Doctor's inability to regenerate and that the Daleks were preparing to kill him.

The Time Lords later returned Gallifrey to its original point in space but were forced to hide it near the end of the universe for their own safety. He told his former self that Gallifrey would stand past all its conflicts. Rassilon took members of the House of Stillhaven to be experimented on, but he spared Yayani to a mind wipe for unknown reasons. After Yayani was able to regain her memories, she tried to assassinate Rassilon, but failed, and was then forced into acting out secret missions for the High Council as punishment.

Possibly due to being alerted by Missy , Rassilon grew concerned about the prophecies of the Hybrid , and gave an order for Clara to be killed to entrap the Twelfth Doctor in a confession dial to get information out of him. The Doctor's refusal to relent led to his being trapped inside the dial for four and a half billion years, constantly dying and recreating himself to breach the dial's barriers rather than confess his secrets. TV : Heaven Sent. Threatened by the Doctor's presence and still desperate for information on the Hybrid, Rassilon ordered first troops and then the High Council to make contact with the Doctor.

However, the Doctor was only willing to speak directly to Rassilon himself. Eventually, Rassilon was forced out into the Drylands to confront him. There, the Doctor held him alone responsible for the crimes of the Last Great Time War, and for his treatment in his confession dial. Rassilon tried to have a firing squad execute the unarmed Doctor, who ordered him to "get off my planet.

Military reinforcements arrived but had been summoned by the Doctor instead. When Rassilon tried to use his gauntlet to kill the Doctor himself, the General reinforced the Doctor's order. Rassilon was overthrown and replaced by the Doctor, and then banished from Gallifrey. Rassilon with his Cybermen allies on Gallifrey. Rassilon found the Cybermen , who were clinging to life at the end of the universe. Rassilon gave the Cybermen leadership and direction and joined with their Cyberiad. Rassilon returned to Gallifrey and conquered the planet with the aid of his new allies. He welcomed the Twelfth Doctor when he returned to Gallifrey.

The Ultimate "Unseen Hand" Behind the New World Order (666 Pandora's BOX)

As the Doctor tried to gather his remaining Gallifreyian allies, he learned that Rassilon intended to use the accumulated energy of the captured Time Lords to literally regenerate the universe to fit his vision, only for his plan to be subverted by the Cybermen. The Cybermen placed the Doctor and Rassilon into the Cyberiad. Inside, Rassilon realised his mistake and formulated a plan with the Doctor to use the regenerative energy of the Time Lords to undo what the Cybermen did to the universe.

Rassilon helped the Doctor to realise his plans, and the universe was regenerated, setting things to how they were before Rassilon had met the Cybermen. Rassilon was once again left in his Bowship at the end of the universe.

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The Twelfth Doctor wondered if Rassilon was able to remember the events with the Cybermen like he could. In one alternate timeline , Rassilon failed to finish the Eye of Harmony before his death and Gallifrey never achieved time travel. In three alternate timelines, Rassilon never existed, was a woman and loved Omega , and continued to rule Gallifrey after his death from within the Matrix. By the time of the foundation of the Time Lords' civilisation, Rassilon already proved to be able to stop a Gallifreyan fleet from falling into a black hole ; moreover, he could spring bolts of power arc from his fingertips, a power called electro-direction.

He was also incredibly intelligent. He was able to create and develop the Matrix and created or designed much of the technology that the Time Lords used, although this could not have happened without Omega giving the Time lords their power source. A broken statue of Rassilon in the Cloister Room. TV : Doctor Who. Many important Gallifreyan artefacts bore his name, with Rassilon imbuing them with powers to protect his legacy and enhance his mystique.

TV : The Invasion of Time. The Black Scrolls of Rassilon , also later obtained by Borusa, contained forbidden, arcane secrets. The fabled Ring of Rassilon , however, capable of conferring a form of immortality upon the wearer, resided in the Tomb of Rassilon in the Dark Tower located in the Death Zone.

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These artifacts, like many institutions in Time Lord society, were named "of Rassilon", in such number and with such unfailing consistency that the Eighth Doctor once reflected that Joanna Harris "couldn't imagine how much [he'd] had it in here with the This, That and the Other of Rassilon". Rassilon was a charismatic leader who was capable of inspiring his people. The General himself stated that, while Rassilon eventually became corrupt, he was once a good man.

Controversially, Rassilon ordered the release of a virus that wiped out a large proportion of the Gallifreyan population, while allowing the survivors to regenerate. PROSE : The Scrolls of Rassilon He also discovered how to become immortal without having to use regenerations to survive, but believed that the secret was too dangerous to share, and thus kept it to himself, TV : The Five Doctors and instituted the non-interference policy after dreaming of a future Time Lord empire that used its power to suppress the weak of the universe.

After the loss of Omega , Rassilon wept for him, with the Other musing that Rassilon's later actions were born out of love. A Mythical Monkey writes about the movies. Strictly Vintage Hollywood. Ann Harding's Treasures. Travail 3 weeks ago. A Person in the Dark. Silents, Please! The fallibility of film history: Valeria Creti unmasked as Filibus 5 weeks ago.

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