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Paying yourself first doesn't mean letting other responsibilities slide. It's just an organization technique, not an idealistic suggestion. With freelancing, there's a lot more to consider. Separate bank accounts let you compartmentalize your finances into manageable chunks, which helps avoid overspending and the highs and lows of erratic earnings. Here is an example of accounts that could benefit freelancers:.

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Business Account: This account collects payments from each of your freelance clients. It's the landing point where all of your earnings go. Imagine that this is an "employer" account from which the employer gives her employee a steady paycheck.

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Personal Account: This account is for personal income, which comes from the pool in the business account. Consider this an "employee" account. Transferring everything from the business account into the personal account defeats the purpose.

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Decide on a steady paycheck that your business account can support, and transfer only this amount into the personal account at regular intervals. This is how you pay yourself and create a more dependable income.

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Taxes: Freelancers don't have the luxury of an employer that withholds taxes. You'll have to do this on your own. A separate account for taxes means the money will be there when Uncle Sam wants his share, whether you pay quarterly or annually.

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Savings: Every freelancer needs at least one savings account. You might have more than one if you have several goals, such as a college or vacation fund. The primary savings is your safety net with months earnings that you can draw from if you lose a client or payments are unusually sluggish. The biggest freelance challenge might be building up the savings safety net. If you already struggle, how can you save what you don't seem to have? This is where you'll need a discerning eye, frugal mind, and healthy dose of honesty.

David Bakke, a blogger for Money Crashers, tells Freelancer's Union that there are many ways to save that you might not recognize. More important, they add up faster than you might think.

In this guide you'll learn:

Perhaps you can refinance your home and get a better rate with lower monthly payments. The difference goes into savings, not into your disposable income. Discretionary spending might also need a few tweaks. In their study, more than three in ten Gen Z respondents, personal debt is another major source of stress.

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Many members of Gen Z enter college lacking in essential financial management skills, increasing their stress and exposure to personal financial risk. Yet their college years, more than ever before, will include financial decisions impacting much of their future adult life. The EverFi study included a short test of financial literacy practical basics that Gen Zers frequently got wrong:.

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EverFi says this data paints a rather uninspiring picture. The report suggests that school training in personal finance and economics tends to be seen as an academic requirement, with less emphasis on producing actual financial capability. As evidence of this:. A study by Charles Schwab indicates that Gen Z aspires to financial independence but often falls short of the mark.

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Gen Z harbors high hopes in spite of a rocky beginning. Four out of ten have borrowed from their folks to pay for necessities and one in four have borrowed from friends. And three out of ten have had to skip a meal due to lack of funds. Financial independence is very important to this generation. Among the rest, they hope to be independent within five years, typically. Members of Gen Z have the deepest, widest pool of potential financial advice any generation ever had, ranging from social media influencers to parents to websites to financial literacy programs to apps to each other.

While research indicates that influencers are a frequent go-to, Gen Z will just as likely turn to a peer no more experienced than themselves. Some have suggested that educating influencers in financial subjects could help spread knowledge among the influenced.