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There is one particular story that my boyfriend trod nee from time to time about his dad and uncle and someone else, i can't remember who, were waking an old trail to work. The worked in tbd coal mines. In the way, they came up on a man in Tbs middle of the road. They spoke to him. I'll have to ask Chris about what they said. But, the man turned around and walked straight down into the ground.

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It scared them something awful, and it caused them to be late for work. When they got there, there had been an accident in the mines and a bunch of men were killed. Turns out, if they hadn't seen that, they would have been in the mines and killed too. I've heard some others. Besides Chris, they never told anyone about that day nor talked about it with each other. It scared them to the point that they put it behind them to forget. Chris has told me a few others too. I've lived here all my lids and had never heard anyone else say anything about tis holler till i ran across your page tonight.

My mom grew up in keokee and my dad in exeter. They have told me a few. My dad told NW one that he's never told anyone else and will never tell me again. He worked in the mines for 22 years, then retired as big stone's police chief. He's seen some interesting things. I live up that hollow my name is jaylen maddox were going to park there and sit tonight. I really need to get with you on some other local stories So as i said i went,me and mom and dog!

I got scared and so did mom. So we were there w windows down car off,so a little girl walked by and said,and i quote.

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Mom wwent what ssweetie then she looked into the woods and kept going down the road. I believe this story. I use to live there at Williams Hollow Road with my mom and 2 of my brothers. Its the red and white house at the top of the hill up the gravel road next to the cow pasture, although when I lived there they had the horses thers. We all was vdry uneasy about going out at night and would not even attempt to leave the front yard or house at night unless in a vehicle.

We had a friend come visit one night unexpectedly and had no clue until some unsettling news came our way. He had been hospitalized because he was found part way up Williams Hollow near the woods beaten. It meant that to be "Master of Death" was to accept one's mortality.

It is said to be the only object that would bring back the spirits of the holder's deceased loved ones, activating when turned three times in the user's hand. These shades are said to dislike being drawn from their rightful afterlife. Grindelwald mistakenly believed that the Stone could be used to create an army of Inferi. Harry Potter successfully used it to summon images of his deceased loved ones, including James Potter and Lily Evans.

Their exact nature was unclear, and they made no complaint about being summoned. These shades are more physically solid than a ghost but less so than a living body. Harry described them as almost transparent. They remained visible only as long as the stone was held, and produced a Patronus -like effect that shielded against Dementors. According to the legend recounted by Beedle, the Bard in The Tale of the Three Brothers , Cadmus Peverell, and his two brothers were traveling along a long, winding road at twilight when they came upon a river too deep and rapid to cross.

When the brothers conjured a bridge to cross the river, Death appeared before them. Angry that they had found a way to cross the river without dying, Death pretended to offer each brother a gift, hoping that the gift would lead to their downfall. As Cadmus was arrogant, he wanted to further humiliate Death, which led to him asking for the Resurrection Stone. He wished for an item that would enable him to bring back the dead, so Death took a stone from the riverbank and used his abilities to transform it into the Resurrection Stone.

Albus Dumbledore thought it was unlikely that the Resurrection Stone was made by Death , it may have been created by the second oldest of the three Peverell brothers , Cadmus. Regardless of how the Stone was truly created, Cadmus used it to attempt to bring back a girl he had loved and was prepared to marry before her untimely death. While he was able to bring back a shade of her, he felt as though a "veil" separated them, and he could tell that she was suffering greatly from being forced back among the world of the living.

Realizing the limitations of the Stone, Cadmus killed himself out of grief so that he could truly be with her. However, given that some aspects of the tale were just fictionalized by Beedle, it is possible that this account of Cadmus' death was one of it. Furthermore, there are no means for Beedle to know what had really happened, much less Cadmus' intentions. The ring that contained the stone was a Gaunt family heirloom. Sometime after Cadmus's death or perhaps even by Cadmus himself , the Resurrection Stone was fitted into a ring.

This ring was passed down as a family heirloom for the Peverell family , and eventually the Gaunt family , as knowledge of what the Stone was, and even what the symbol on it meant, became lost. Eventually, it made its way into the possession of Marvolo Gaunt , who would use the ring to flaunt the purity of his blood, such as he did to Bob Ogden when the latter came to call about Morfin Gaunt 's attack on Tom Riddle Snr. After Marvolo died shortly after serving a six-month sentence in Azkaban for attacking Bob Ogden , the ring was inherited by his son Morfin.

He would wear the ring until Tom Riddle came to the Gaunt shack seeking information about his wizarding family. Sensing that the ring was a family heirloom, Riddle would pocket it after killing his Muggle relatives and framing Morfin for the murder. Do so immediately.

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Treat the intrusive spirit like a badly behaved toddler or an obnoxious forum troll, and give it no more attention after that. This is a difficult topic.

STONE HOLLOW {Season 2 ep 15} (Taekook FF)

When learning to distance yourself from the divinatory tool, a pendulum is one of the safest choices. My best guess is: the participants have a direct, physical connection — through the platen to the board — and that makes the participants more vulnerable to negative spirits.

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I could be very wrong. Pendulum boards can work with no physical contact between the person and the pendulum or the board. My attitude is this: the less opportunity something ghostly or — worse — a malicious entity has to enter your personal space, the safer you are. Sometimes — less often — they can work with no on touching them… just suspended from a hanger of some kind.

You can make one with wire. The board below the pendulum just makes it easier to figure out what the pendulum is communicating. It could be words, numbers, or letters, or a map or… well, lots of things. As the answers, I got were not enough for many of the questions that I formulated, as I needed more ample answers. I began asking and surfing a bit on the Internet and found information from a book called Goetic Divination by Jake Stratton-Kent that It contained a divination ritual with the pendulum and a chart with letters of the alphabet ordered so that the author of the book used them in his cabalistic work.

Jake used the previous ritual to invocation of Scirlin Scirlin is one of the messengers of hell and can be useful to summon other demons. Similar casting is written in el Grimorium Verum but without pendulum or graphic. I must say that in my first contact with Scirlin all went well, with nothing to comment on the matter. In later contacts, the situation began to change course.

Without further began talking about certain dreams I have, saying said dreams would be realized in a short time and that the one who had to do was to follow Lucifer. I might add that I have not talk or ask anything about my dreams, the one I was looking for ways to learn a little about the spirit world if that were possible.

Because I wanted to accomplish said dreams started asking questions and getting answers through the pendulum and graphic. It is because that when the time came that said dreams were realized as Scirlin told me, nothing happened and sincerely lost a little faith that initially had put the pendulum and graphic. After that, I started looking for more information about the pendulum and the chart with letters; I saw some videos, etc. From there, I drew some graphics with the letters of the alphabet and prepared a more or less effective method.

My intention with the previous method was none other than bringing connect me with spiritual guides, light spirits, etc. In my first contact, everything went fairly well. I did different questions related to the spiritual world, and the answers, I believe, were appropriate.

After a few sessions with the previous method, some spirits began talking of my dreams as had done Scirlin, including my spirit guides. I must say here also that at no time made any comment to the respect of so-called dreams, nor made any remarks about my future, nothing at all. But I must also say that again interested me the information and I started doing different questions to respect and always getting the same answers. Constantly spirits in the answers I was given, or any review ever done speaking the name of God, it was God who gave the answers for me, that God wanted me to have what I wanted, etc.

We are separated by my work because I am emigrant and she for reasons of family problems. I in the end of each session always wondered if it really would be next to my wife this Christmas, the response was always positive, not to worry about that since God wanted the best for me, that God wanted my happiness, etc. The target date for that trip said to be a reality this week as the spirits told me.

Well then, the week nearly ends and I do not see that trip is possible. Besides that either I see the others, let us call them promises are carried out as they told me the spirits. Because of all these lies, they really have no other name; I have been doing several sessions off these last days. Can do spirits judging human? Can do the spirits of light lying? Can do spirits interfere in our dreams to the point of deciding what is or is not the best? Can do spirits threaten with death, disease, pain, and suffering?

Now I learned that it should have acted with reason and never with the heart or emotion. Someone please can tell me what is wrong in all this. They could be lying. Yes, they could be sincere and helpful. Like people, I believe that most spirits have good intentions. Entities can lie. I did this a couple of times before I became a Christian. I will never play with this pendulum stuff again. They are dark and burned looking. They smell like sulfur and rotted meat.

Hi there, I use my pendulum all the time. One day I was asking the same questions as I have before and they all came out to be yes, but that one day, same? And they all came out no.

The Ghosts of Stone Hollow

What was up with that. Thank you. There are far too many explanations, varying with where you were, the kinds of questions you asked on those two days, and your past accuracy levels. Maybe it was just a fluke. Maybe something spiritual was playing a prank.

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In my opinion, you may have to do some trial-and-error testing to narrow the possible reasons you had this experience. Or, you could just keep using the pendulum and figure that was something odd that is unlikely to happen again. Then make your own chart, based on images that DO make sense to you. Something that indicates a boy, something for a girl. Something for yes, something for no, and so on.

Be creative! I have two pendulum. They both work beautifully for me. Actually this is the only equipment you need to contact and speak to spirits. But do be careful. Demons will come through also.