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All of my heart is drawing closer to You. When I hear this love song, I remember that special day, when You came to awaken my heart. All of my life has meaning, every breath.


My heart is filled with love. I think of You with tears in my eyes. Who am I, that You would love me?

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Your crazy love, it overwhelms me. Like a flood, I am drowning. All the worries are melting away. Nothing can stop You from loving me. Your love can change the world around me. I know that I am loved by You. Nothing in this world can separate me from Your love. If the Lord does not build the house for us, the builders are building in vain. If the Lord does not keep the watch for us, the watchers are watching in vain. From morning to evening, I will lift His name on high.

My heart, overflowing, will bless the Lord with praise. I am alive be cause of God above. My victory comes from God above. You have made my heart rejoice and sing, as the one who brings in grain. I have been saved be cause of God above. I will meditate and ponder day and night. It will lead me and guide me all my life. I will obey. And I will seek. In Your word, I found love. In Your love, I am free. You are my refuge. You are my fortress. You alone are God, and I will trust in You. I will set my heart on You. I will follow after You. Any fearful days, You hold on to me, and guide me to Your heart.

Even when I lose my sight, You never let me go. I am held in Your graceful arms. Hold me close, in Your arms of love. My heart waits patiently for You. My hope comes from You and You alone. You are my glory, my saving grace. For my God, You are my hiding place. Ah, I will wait on You, Lord, my God. I will pour out all my heart. Come and take over my life. Ah, I will trust in You, Lord, my God. I am giving You my all. Come and fill me with Your love. I am Yours, You are mine. How I long to stay in Your arms.

In Your presence, in Your embrace. Morning, I open my eyes. My Lord, I long for Your voice. Counting Your goodness for me, draw near to You alone. I sing with stars in the sky. To You, my heart opens wide. Bringing my love in a song, worship to You alone. From the morning through the night, from the valley to the heights, forever, I will lift Your name on high. From the morning through the night, Your love for me carries on, forever, I will follow after You. I will sing of Your love, I will sing of Your unending love.

My Jesus, how You love me. By Your grace, I can worship You. You gave Your life to make a way for me, so I can come to the house of the Lord. Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, You delight in the song that I sing. Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, lift my hands in everlasting praise. For all the days of my life, I will worship and seek Your face.

I will gaze on the beauty of the Lord, my King. Your glory fills this place. Sing, worthy is the King. We offer all our praise. Crown You Lord of lords. Give glory to Your name. Hosanna unto the glorious King of kings. Higher and high'r, we lift Your holy name. Higher and high'r, we lift a shout of praise. Louder and louder, declare that You are Lord until that day, I see You face to face.

Let my praises arise as an incense, burning for You. Let my worship arise as a pleasing sacrifice. Let all angels and saints bow before You at Your throne. Open the gates of heaven, I pray. Lord, hear my cries and open the gates. I want to see, see Your face. Let Your glory fill this place. Let Your glory fill this place, fill this place. Let prayer, like incense, arise.

Let prayer, like incense, arise, every day and night. We wait on You, we keep seeking Your face. Relentlessly pray, every night and day. We turn our ears, Lord, we turn from our ways. May redemption and grace come to this land. We long to see You, see Your glory fall down. Like clouds surrounding, come and fill this place. The wind of Holy Spirit breathes into all the dry bones. Let every heart awaken once again.

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The sounds of prayers heard like many waters. Restore the hearts of fathers, turn hearts of sons and daughters. In unity, worshiping as one. We will never stop, we will not give up knocking on the doors of heaven. We keep praying loud, we keep crying out till we see revival in this land. Glory unto You, power unto You. I will praise till forevermore. Let all the glory be unto You. All will worship at Your throne. Glory, glory to the King. I want to be holy like You. I want to be loving like You. The way You love, the way You care, oh Lord, help me be more like You. I want to have mercy like You, to show compassion like You.

The way You live, the way You die, oh Lord, help me be more like You. Let Your love come rushing over me, overwhelm my heart, every part of me. Let Your Spirit come satisfy. Set me free. Let Your love come flowing all through me, sweetness of Your glory to be seen. Let my life be set apart for You. Have Your way in me. In the stillness, I will wait upon Your voice. In the quiet place, just to meet You face to face. As mountains surround Jerusalem, You surround me, Lord. I surrender to the pow'r of Your love. From now until forevermore, You are here with me.

You are my strong tower, You are my hope. I want to go to the river of joy. I want to go to the river of life. He is with me. I want to be where He leads me. I will walk, walk, walk in the river. I will jump, jump, jump in the river. I will dance, dance, dance in the river of joy. He will make the humble glorious.

He will turn my sadness into a smile. I have hope in my heart, hope that never disappoints. You will walk with me when the road gets tough. I have hope in my heart, hope that gives me faith to live. Children of God, now is the time. Spreading Good News over all the earth, we are seeking after You alone. Jesus is with us here and now.

I believe, I receive. Fountains of joy are flowing out. Lord, reveal Your glory and Your miracles. Let it be like heaven on earth. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there we will find freedom. Let the Holy Spirit freely flow. Faith that moves the mountains, growing and increasing. You part the oceans, You calm the great storms.

God Your words are all powerful. You spoke and there was, said and it was done.

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You brought forth the heavens and earth. I declare my voice has power, power to proclaim Your kingdom. Let Your presence fill this place. So I will use my voice to shout His praise. The kingdom of God is at hand. All enemies have to flee. No more shame, no more fear.

Because of Jesus, we will shout for joy. Because of Him, we are victorious. For if our God is for us, none can be against us. But in all these things, we have the victory! From the heavens to the earth, God above, You made it all. Wonderful and fearfully, with love, I was created. So I want to scream it out.

I will never cease to praise, praise Your mighty name! Yes, I am beautifully made. You have crowned me with love and grace. I am Yours, Lord, and You are mine. I am free to smile, I am free to love. Let Your glory draw me near. Let Your words revive my heart. As I yearn for more of You, lead me into deeper waters.

Your breath of life blows over me. As I long to know You more, lead me into deeper waters. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I long for more and more of You, more of Your presence and Your truth. Here, where Your perfect glory dwells, all creation sings, all creation sings Your praises. I long for more and more of You. In deeper waters, worship You. Come draw me closer to Your heart. Lord, with all I am, Lord, with all my heart, I love You. I love You, I love You, Jesus.

Let Your grace fill the earth May You always be with us, for You are our delight till we see You face to face. Your throne of grace draws me to come and seek Your face In truth and spirit I worship You My dearest Father, oh, how much I need Your grace oh, how I need more of You in my life I need You, Your living word like honey on my lips I need You, Your spirit come and fall on me like rain This is my one desire that I may live my life for Your glory and Your fame This is my only cry that I can live each day falling more and more in love with You alone.

I am here before You. For this is the day the Lord has made All the people sing and shout Your praise The enemy has been defeated for Your glory we shout for victory! Give thanks to You, my God and king! I give You my thanks in the highest I raise up my hands to give You glory Angel armies give praise to You Jesus Greatest glory is onto You In the highest place, give Him all glory There is peace on earth with those whom He is pleased Hallelujah, hallelujah, Jesus, You are worthy of it all. I believe love can make this world new. Give them wings, let the dreams fly, painting the picture of love, we give ourselves and our hearts begin to smile.

You do amazing new things. I sing a new song to You. Mercy and grace fall on me every day. New wine and skins, new joy, new ways. In our lives, in our lives, You do a new thing, new anointing, favor unending. Lord, we will, Lord, we will sing a new song, lifting up Your name on high. In our lives, in our lives, You do a new thing, grace and mercy, hopeful morning. Lord, we will, Lord, we will sing a new song, filled with Your glory. Sons and daughters, sing out a brand new song. God is making all things new. Former glory is passing away. Jesus Christ will show us a new way.

Give us vision, give us a sign, a new direction to follow You. Your kingdom be revealed to us. Open up my eyes, let me see Your angel armies. Though my enemies are closing in I still trust in You. Lord, You are my strength. You alone are my salvation. Oh, for if my God is with me, whom then shall I fear? There is no one like You now or ever. You are worthy, king of glory.

Who can stop us, or be against us. Hope of all earth, bright morning star, enthroned in splendor and majesty. So full of mercy, yet all authority is unto our beloved king. Lift up His name on high, Jesus Christ, king of glory. We cry hallelujah, to Jesus Christ, the Messiah. We crown Him king of kings, the holy one, our most beloved king. Oh, let the light of glory shine on us. And let us stand before You, arms open wide. Will You open my eyes, and let me see You? I want to see Your kingdom in this place. Lord, in Your light I see the light.

In Your promise I find hope. Let glory come, let glory fill the earth, mighty one. You are welcome, king of majesty. You are worthy of all praise, mighty one. Be still, may peace be in my heart. Stay strong through all the stormy days. You calm the raging waves. I will worship, for I am not afraid. Your hand will lead me through all the waves. I will worship, in You my hope is found.

My life is marked with love all my days. Pain may cause my heart to faint, but Your love never fails. In the dawn of Your love, I receive Your strength. I love You with all my heart, my soul, and my strength. Lord, I glorify Your name with faith that never sways. Wasting away, we will not lose heart. All these troubles one day soon will pass.

Eternal glory will be our reward. Lord, I am Yours, You are my portion evermore. Every night and day, here in Your court, I worship. Let me gaze upon Your face, all else will fade away. Let me stay, I want to stay right here in Your embrace. Let me stay, give me the strength to love You more each day. There is no other place I would rather be than here, Lord. With all my heart, with all I am, I worship. A bruised and withered reed, He will not break. A dimly burning flame, He will not quench.

The days of all my life are in His hands. His joy and peace will run after me. Heal me, Lord, I have been made whole. Soaring on eagle's wings, running after You. I want to go to a place where we can be alone. Go find a place where we can stay.

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My heart and soul long for You, all of me thirsts for You, stay with You, close to You night and day. I want to go to a place, meet face to face. Lie still there in Your arms and stay. I want to go to a place, hear Your sweet voice, stay with You, close to You night and day. It's Your love, it's Your comfort, stills my weary heart, calms my troubled soul. You're all that I want, all that I need. All that I am yearns for You, Lord. Jesus, my love, I love You.

Jesus, Jesus. Rain down Your power, rain down Your anointing, rain down Your healing on us. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain on us. Glory, glory in the highest, glory, glory to the king. Glory, glory, hallelujah. Let me be a living sacrifice, and a holy vessel in Your hands. Lift my hands and worship You, my Lord. All I am and all I have are Yours. May Your calling be the reason that I live, pressing on to the goal of Jesus Christ. I will follow You. Laying down all my sorrow and shame.

Laying down all my sin and my pain. Lord, I come to You, as I am. Laying down all my sadness. Laying down all my burdens. Holding onto You, the great I AM. In You there is hope, in You there is life. The old is gone, the new is here. I have been redeemed. Come to worship the everlasting God. King of glory, You are welcome here. You are my saving grace, worthy of praise. You are worthy, You are worthy, You are worthy of all my praise.

Glorious king, beautiful one, son of God, Jesus, Lord of all. Glorious king, beautiful one, son of God, my king, Lord of all. We unite with one goal, with our praises shake the world. We will shout in victory. Halle halle halle hallelujah. Worship can shake the world, shake it up, now! I pour out this perfume at Your feet, Lord. I give myself to see You face to face.

With each breath I take, and with every single heartbeat, I will live just for You. I pour out all I am to see Your will be done. Every moment, holding nothing back, Lord. I pour out all I am. This is my one desire. From this day on, no turning back. Take my future, take my past, Lord. I will lay it down at Your feet. I give it all up to You. Living in Your grace abounding, I know that You are love. So every day, I will respond to Your love. And every day, yearn for Your presence, Lord. And every day, live to know Your perfect promises. My loving king, I will wait for You. Colors of the rainbow for a world gray and lonely, warmth for the hearts that are broken and cold.

Strength and power for the hands that are hanging low, a way for hearts that are desperate and lost. People walk by and no one stops to show how You gave all for this world. Will You soften my heart? Will You show me Your ways? Let me be still and hear You speak to me. Let me see through Your eyes. Let me pray day and night. Pray that the lost will return to You. Will You help me to see Your face smiling on me? I want to speak of Your amazing grace.

Take me, mold me, use me. Not by our might, not by our pow'r, only by Your Spirit. So every tongue and every knee will bow before Your throne. May Your kingdom come to the nations. We raise one voice to proclaim Jesus reigns. May Your spirit flood through the nations. To heal the sick with signs and pow'r, I stand to see Your presence fill this place. We are the chosen ones of God, marked by the blood of Christ. By Your spirit we declare Your kingdom reigns. We are Your sons and daughters. May You revive us now. Stand in the gap till we see Your kingdom come. Let us open our eyes, look around the world.

The beauty of life is found in precious smiles. Let us open our hearts, embrace this world. The love we share will bring the lost home. With a vision for the world, let Your love be our hope to bring the light of life to all we know. With a vision for the world, bring our love to this world and sing a song of hope for all to know. With one dream and one call, hand in hand as we go, we long to see lives everywhere blossom in hope. With our smiles and our song, hand in hand as we go, we long to see there is no more hunger and brokenness.

Praise God, Comfort! May He draw you closer to Him than you have ever been before this very day! I really enjoy this pin fully. Our Lord is awesome and this way you have put to do it is Holy filled…I want my oldest son to draw closer and wiser so I continuously pray, Pray with me. God is awesome indeed. Lord I really appreciate your message. I really needed to read all of that I am going though somethings in my life and I just have to get back closer to God. Think you so much I have received this message and will read it every day. Thanks Thanks Thanks. Hi Kiandre. I pray you would seek God first with all your heart, for I know that as you do, He will encounter you in love and blessing and power.

He loves you so much! I truly enjoy reading the prayers. They have comforted me so much. I love God so much and his son Jesus Christ. Reading the prayers have made me look within myself of sins I have committed. I am not where I need to be but I am not where I use to be. Thank you Jesus! Please pray for my family for just knowing who God is and his wonderful love. My God continue to bless you. Hi, Josephine!

I love just praying through this list, and dedicating my heart to Jesus again and again. None of us are where we need to be, but thank God, He loves us and is moving us forward. Thank you so much for these prayers. Remain ever blessed. Thank you for reading, Nancy! So glad the prayers blessed you! I still pray them myself often, and I hope I always will.

Thank you for the post especially the prayers. I will use them like my daily bread. Oh I so love you Jamie. The Lord is really teaching us a lot through you to impact our lives heavily. I thank God for the grace I have known your blog. Glory be to the Holy Spirit of the Living God. Hi Ivonne, thank you so much for your encouragement. It means a lot to me. So very thankful that God led me to your blog.

I love the Lord and know when his holy spirit is speaking to me. I have been asking him to draw me and my family closer to him and his will for our lives. Thankful that he is still working on me.

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Please pray that he will show me what his will is and that i can be a help to my loved one that need to draw closer as well. Oh that his glory may be manifest in me. Oh that his wisdom May fill me up. Oh that this prayers May be part of my life. Lord I need your presence now more than ever. I feel your presence now more than ever.

Thanks Jamie. God bless you. Thank you god for transforming my life I pray that you help me not to be a double minded person but my focus should always be on you forever. I thank God for using you, because these prayer truly help me. I Love the Lord and want to be in His presence at all time. Thanks Be Blessed. Hi I too really love God,but for about two years now I have not been able to see his care. Maybe faith is also believing that when I ask He will act.

Pray for me. Thank you for these prayers. You blog is such a blessing. Thank you Jamie for the blog.

Draw me to Your presence

I came across yours when I was browsing for some advice and helpful platforms on how to draw closer to God. I am inspired about your prayers and it feels so right to be in this platform where people are sharing their stories about God.

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  • I myself wishing for the will of God to be done in my life but I feel like am not strong in prayer and in total surrender. My life been full of disappointments that sometimes I feel like I could quit but I jus keep remembering there is God. Thank you , may the Lord bless you all my brothers and sisters in this platform. This blessed me immensely! I was trying to figure out how to pray for a friend who has strayed away from God but still has a heart to find Him.

    This applied almost directly to what my friend is struggling with and I believe God is telling me not to give up. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This blog is made possible by people like you, who give a little bit each month or as they can to help me in my work of being a domestic missionary. Is Papa God calling you to partner with me? A note about comments: Your feedback means the world to me.

    Comments Thanks for this. I love your blog it helps me a lot hod bless for your help thank you. I love this. I am going through so much! Uitgever: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day. John Gods Spirit at many times tries to get our attention by drawing us, into the prayer closet, to pray and many shrug off the Spirit of God, as He tries to draw a Christian into prayer.

    A person not realizing God has a purpose for drawing you unto Himself, many never get the idea and keep on going on in life, suffering the loss of many things that Gods love was trying to work in a Child of Gods life. Has this happened unto you my dear reading friend? God tries many times to get the attention of His Children, to reveal Himself unto them, so He might be able to manifest His love to His beloved, simply saying unto you, as He can Spiritually draw you into a fellowship with Him.

    Really mean it, prove yourself unto God with your sincerity and not with lip service. The Word of God says for us to; let us not love in Word neither in tongue but in Spirit and in truth. I remember when I was a young Christian, I promised things to God and in my heart I meant every Word but there were times that I failed God and broke my vows unto Him, not really meaning to, yet I did, has this happened unto you maybe, my dear reading friend? When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it; for he hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowed.

    Better is it that thou shouldest not vow, than that thou shouldest vow and not pay.