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We have raised them on stories, because that is how we were raised. The woods breathe life into stories. We think we know what is there, but there are always surprises. During the day, we near the woods without care. At night, the woods are transformed.

Beyond the Tree Line

In the winter months, lights from the horse farm sneak between the bare trees, but during the summer, when the woods are thick, they are like a second world. When our girls ask us what is out there, we have a thousand possibilities of story. I love the woods because I will never fully know or understand what they contain. Such lack of certainty is healthy for writing. Writers might believe that they are in control because they can string together sentences, but syntax is delusion.

We are secondary to this world.

Living near the woods has reminded me of the intense and strange power of imagination. If I ever stop wondering about the world—if I ever think I know all of the secrets of the woods—I should stop writing. Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature.

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Article continues after advertisement. Nick Ripatrazone Nick Ripatrazone is the author of several books of fiction, poetry, and literary criticism. It takes great character description from a novel to actually get me to picture characters in my head. For me, it played out like a mini movie. I know some readers may not like the slow parts of the novel I read this book early last year, and actually re-read it again at the end of I know some readers may not like the slow parts of the novel, but I felt that they were important in submerging the reader in the story line, helping to focus on the emotions of the 2 main characters.

The sex scenes aren't overpowering the book, but the ones in here are memorable.

Crazy shit, right? But it works! I'm not going to get into depth of what the book is about, a quick glance at the synopsis will give you a general description.

2015: Joe's Birthday

I will however recommend this book as a great read. Give it a chance, you'll enjoy it. Nov 23, Rae Storey rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , lesbian. From time-to-time I thought the dialogue was off and weird but over all this was a really good super-epic slow-burn that drove me batty, in a good way. The angst was strong with this one, and gave me all kinds of feels. I found myself getting so angry with Alex, she was so selfish and infuriating!

Likewise, I found myself crying with Nantane's pain. I loved these two lines, they evoked so much within me: " After it strained, ached, and broke so many times, it had to be little more than pulsating dust. Jun 25, Maze rated it it was amazing.

The vanishing groves

This book was so good I hated it. I routinely found myself pausing for a minute and then coming back to it because I felt so exasperated by both Alex and Nantane. Alex for her selfishness and Nantane for her lack of self preservation. I would root for them in one moment and wish them space apart in another. It was exhausting! Which means that it was very well written and lasting.

I would read more from this author. Jul 06, Cyndi rated it liked it. Excellent descriptions and characterizations really create the world of this book, but rather than being able to immerse myself completely, I found it hard to get past some of the plot points. At times I couldn't read fast enough because the plot was compelling and the characters so lovely. Other moments, though, felt more contrived and difficult to accept. The romantic plot really struggled to come to fruition for me because the odds seemed insurmountable.

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Jan 09, David rated it really liked it. I know this author and am thrilled for her. Oct 02, Aleana Harris rated it it was amazing. This is a great read really hope there be a sequel I will like to read more about Alex and Natanta I will read another book from this author. Feb 12, Sheen rated it really liked it. Great book, I couldn't put it down. The only reason i didn't give it star is because of the ending. It felt rushed. Nov 01, Jane Barcklow rated it it was amazing. Well done. This was a slow build. It made it more believable.

The historical content seemed realistic to me, and made this book that much more amazing. Natane and Jacob are three extraordinary folk in a time when commonality, complacency and conformity ruled. The German-owned plant is capable of producing , tons of wood pellets a year, which are destined to cross the Atlantic to satisfy a vibrant market for the product there.

Sanchez moved to the eight-acre property in Woodville, a hundred miles north-east of Houston, in As she sat by her pool on a sunny evening last week, two horses grazing in her field, it was easy to understand why she and her husband Tony swallowed their doubts about the location.

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I have asthma now. Opening her windows and doors to let in the breeze was an unwise move, she said: the air felt more sooty than fresh.

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Burning forest biomass — essentially, wood — has been promoted by industry as a cleaner, more renewable energy alternative to coal and gas. American companies such as Enviva have developed a growing export industry for trees diced into wood pellets, with export volumes increasing from almost nothing in the early s to 4. The wood pellets industry claims that it uses tree branches and waste wood, but environmental groups say there is strong evidence that vast swaths of valuable, untouched forest have been felled in states including North Carolina and Florida to feed the growing sector.

Even when trees are replaced, it can take up to years to cultivate a wooded area that soaks up as much carbon as was previously released. And the fuel burned in shipping wood pellets to Europe is also a significant source of emissions. None of the companies can guarantee they can regrow untouched forest to capture the same amount of carbon released.