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Unicorn vs. Heartstopper Volume One Heartstopper. Big Nate Payback Time! Escape from Lucien Amulet : Book 6. Catwad : It's Me Catwad. Prince of the Elves Amulet Series : Book 5. Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. Dav Pilkey Martin Ontiveros. Dog Man Collection My Pants Are Haunted! Dear Dumb Diary Series : Book 2. Martin Ann M Raina Telgemeier.

Waiting Is Not Easy! Elephant and Piggie. Stefan Petrucha Zazo Allen Gladfelter. The Prince and the Dressmaker. Tui T Sutherland Mike Holmes. Queen of the Sea. Awkward Berrybrook Middle School. Svetlana Chmakova. Asterix and the Goths Asterix Series : Book 3. One Piece Vol. Hilda and The Troll Hildafolk. Mr Popularity Big Nate : Book 4. Horowitz Johnston Kanako Yuzuru. Geronimo Stilton Reporter Book 2. Sean McKeever Takes Miyazawa. Am I the Princess or the Frog? Dear Dumb Diary Series : Book 3. Dav Pilkey Dan Santat. Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot Book 1. Asterix in Britain Asterix Series : Book 8.

By Mitsurou Kubo. Kinishrio has been ignored his entire high school career because his looks make people think he's a troublemaker, but after falling down the stairs at his high school graduation, he wakes up three years earlier with a chance to do it all over again. Alice: From Dream to Dream. By Giulio Macaione.

Will she be able to explore the secrets in her life and small town while she dreams, or will it all become a nightmare? All Summer Long. By Hope Larson. In this coming-of-age story, thirteen-year-old Bina is left to figure out how to have fun during summer when her best friend, Austin, leaves for soccer camp for a month. Then, Austin comes back from camp acting weird, Bina realizes what true friendship is and how to go about making the rest of the summer epic.

By Antoine Revoy. In Kyoto, Japan, there is playground with a peculiar resident named Toothless who frightens friends Hisao and Sayuri. When an impossible tragedy befalls one of their friends, Hisao and Sayuri set out on a fantastical journey to uncover the mystery that keeps Toothless tethered to the playground.

Ao Haru Ride. By Io Sakisaka. By her last year in middle school, Futaba Yoshioka hasn't found a boy that she didn't find immature or annoying—until she gets to know Kou Tanaka. As possible sparks begin to fly, Kou leaves school, not to return until high school. With both of them having changed so much, can they go back to how they felt before?

By James Tynion IV. Behind the scenes of their high school's theater department, a group of teen boys run stage crew. Continuing the first volume in the series, the group must investigate the magical backstage when the "friend" Sasha made during the time he was lost, reappears. Be Prepared. By Vera Brosgol. Fitting in has never been easy for Vera. After a disastrous birthday party sleepover, she begs her mom to let her go to summer camp like the "popular girls" at school. At Russian Heritage Camp, Vera thinks she's finally found a place where she might fit in, but camp isn't at all what she expected.

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Will she survive a summer filled with girl drama, shifting camp alliances and an outhouse from hell? By Adam Hughes. A giant coffee chain is coming to Riverdale thanks to Mr. Lodge, but while it's bringing a new crop of coffee and hipsters, it's replacing Pop's Diner. Betty is determined to save Pop's, and Veronica doesn't want to halt coffee progress. Pitting two BFFs against one another turns the whole town into a war zone. Bingo Love. By Tee Franklin. Hazel and Mari met in and instantly formed a connection. When they admit their love to each other though, their families tear them apart.

In order to be happy and together, they must leave their marriages to do so. Black AF: America's Sweetheart. By Kwanza Osajyefo. Eli is a black girl adopted by white parents who has to keep her "empowered" superpowers a secret. A lovely exploration of social themes inside of a superhero context with great art. Black Hammer: The Event, Volume 2. By Jeff Lemire. In their old lives they were superheroes, but because of a strange occurrence in their multiverse they are thrust into life in a rural town from which they cannot escape. Picking up where volume one ended, readers get more back story on several of the characters, including Black Hammer and the story about the final event that caused all of the superheroes to end up where they are now.

Black Torch.

By Tsuyoshi Takaki. Jiro Azuma is a teen ninja who can talk to animals. One day, he rescues an injured cat, and embroils himself in a whole new world of the supernatural, attracting the attention of a top-secret anti-mononoke espionage unit called Black Torch. Check Please! By Ngozi Ukazu.

Attending Samwell University in Massachusetts on scholarship, Eric Bittle joins the ice hockey team and tries to acclimate to college life with all the drama and hijinks one would expect of a queer athlete who bakes. By Liz Prince. Coyotes, Volume 1. By Sean Lewis. Analia aka Red was orphaned as a girl when the coyotes who plague the City of Lost Girls attacked and killed her sister and mother. She befriends a group of strong women who band together to oppose the coyotes who brutally attack women in the area.

By Svetlana Chmakova. Perfectly capturing the challenges of friendship drama and the anguish of first crushes in middle school, this is the story of Jorge Ruiz, sweet, gentle, and strong, who is crushing on Jazmine, strong, kind, and intelligent. Jorge must navigate his friendships and romantic interests and the drama that ensues. DeadEndia: The Watcher's Test. By Hamish Steele.

H, Volume 3. By Matt Kindt. Mia continues to search for her father's killer miles below the ocean surface. As the answers to her questions about his death draw nearer, her chances for survival are sinking lower. Descender, Volume 5: Rise of the Robots. Descender, Volume 6: The Machine War. As the machines rise again humankind, will Tim find his own path and a way to survive? Escape from Syria. By Samya Kallab. Amina and her family have escaped from the civil war in Syria and are now living in Canada. This book tells her family's story while explaining the Syrian civil war that led to the plight of Syrian refugees as many made their way from Syria to Lebanon and then elsewhere in Europe.

By Ethan M. The Human Childe, taken as a baby by the fay king and queen to the Below, must track down his changeling look-alike Edmund, when a rival queen overthrows the fay throne. Accompanied by his family and friends, he encounters numerous dangers in an effort to save the fay kingdom. Fake Blood. By Whitney Gardner. When AJ starts middle school, he hopes that things will be different, including his unrequited crush on Nia. With the help of his sister and two best friends, he hopes to change that.

Knowing Nia's love of vampires, he Impersonates one—only to discover that she is a vampire slayer. Fence, Volume 1. Nicholas is the illegitimate son of a former Olympic Fencing champion and wants to prove that he has what it takes to be a great fencer. A scholarship student at a boarding school, Nicholas starts a rivalry with the unbeatable Seiji Katamaya, even as he needs to catch up to his teammates who have years of elite fencing training.

Flying Witch. By Chihiro Ishizuka. This series continues to follow the sweet and gentle witch in training, Makoto, as she enjoys country life and honing her craft. Frau Faust. By Kore Yamazaki. Marion agrees to help a strange woman in exchange for tutoring lessons, with no idea that he is actually assisting Dr. Faust, the fairy tale character known for selling his soul to a demon. However, the real Dr.

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Faust is not the sinister man from the stories, but rather, a solitary woman on a mission to find all the pieces of her demon to put him back together. Giant Days. By John Allison. Susan, Esther, and Daisy continue their college adventures with sleep deprived nights, relationship troubles, student elections, and the pressure to meet everyone's expectations, as their second year of university ends.

By Nagabe. Left in the care of "Teacher," a young girl named Shiva must survive in the Outside, a land filled with vicious beasts that curse others with a touch. Goldie Vance, Volume 4. In this volume, Goldie solves the mystery of the power outages affecting her town. Green Lantern: Earth One, Volume 1. By Gabriel Hardman. The origin story of former astronaut-turned-space miner for hire Hal Jordan and how he becomes the Green Lantern with the help of the few remaining Guardians.

Heavy Vinyl. By Carly Usdin. Set in , Chris gets a job at a local record store but knows the other women who work there are keeping a secret from her. When her favorite band's lead singer, Rosie Riot, goes missing, the shop manager lets Chris in on their secret and they join forces to find the singer.

The Hidden Witch. By Molly Knox Ostertag. Having finally been accepted as a witch, Aster now has years of education to catch up on, and he turns to his grandmother for help. Meanwhile, his close friend Charlie finds herself caught up in dark magic when a new girl comes to her school. Home After Dark. By Davis Small. After Russell and his father are abandoned by his mother, they move to a small town in Northern California, where Russell's father gets a job at San Quentin and drinks away his spare time.

Russell makes some friends, but ends up bullied and abandoned. When Russell's dad disappears, too, he is left to fend for himself until the Mah family takes him in. I Hear the Sunspot: Theory of Happiness. By Yuki Fumino. Taichi is confused about his feelings for Kohei, and their friendship is strained after a misunderstanding that happened during Spring Break. Taichi is left to figure out his future and whether or not there is a place for Kohei in it. By Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin. Ebo's older sister left Ghana and now his brother has disappeared, leaving a note saying he's taking the arduous journey to Europe to seek a better life.

Alone and refusing to be left behind, Ebo catches up with his brother so they can make the trip together, living on the streets, negotiating with human smugglers, and struggling to survive. Laid Back Camp. By Afro. Rin loves to go camping, and she does so alone. Then she meets Nadeshiko, a girl who wants to see Mt. Fuji as it appears on the yen note, and their first encounter soon leads to friendship. Last Pick. By Jason Walz. Twins Sam and Wyatt try to survive on Earth after all able-bodied people ages are captured and taken by aliens.

The twins' mission—find their abducted parents by obtaining alien communication hardware they can use to track their parents' off-world location. Luisa - Now and Then. By Carole Maurel and Mariko Tamaki. A moving story about self-discovery, Luisa as a teen meets her adult self and must make tough decisions about the kind of person she wants to be. By Shannon Waters. The Lumberjanes face their biggest challenge yet: an inspection from the camp leaders, the Grand Lodge!

But when a giant bird kidnaps the Grand Lodge along with their head counselor, Rosie, these hardcore lady-types and their friends embark on journey to save them. Lumberjanes, Volume 8: Stone Cold. By Shannon Waters and Kat Leyh. Making Friends. By Kristen Gudsnuk. Sixth grade was easy for Dany, but seventh grade is a different story. She's in a new school and none of her friends are in any of her classes or lunch period, leaving her isolated and alone.

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But when Dany finds an old drawing book left by her great-aunt, she decides to create a few new friends of her own. Mech Cadet Yu, Volume 1. By Greg Pak. Stanford Yu, janitor at the Sky Corps Academy, has the opportunity of a lifetime when an alien robot chooses to bond with him instead of one of the cadets.

Faced with a new station at the Academy, training, and team, Stanford must overcome these challenges and learn to trust his team in order to keep the planet safe. Misfit City, Volume 2. By Kiersten Smith. The group continues on their hunt for Black Mary's treasure, pursued by the Denbys.

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When Wilder's mom is possessed by the ghost of Black Mary, the group must solve clues to unlock a mystery. Monstress, Volume 3. By Marjorie Liu.

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Fleeing from her enemies, Maika Halfwolf seeks refuge in city of Pontus, but even this neutral city is not enough to protect her from her enemies. An attack on the city is inevitable, and their only hope of surviving is to trust that Maika's shaman-empress heritage is strong enough to save them all. Motor Crush, Volume 2. By Brenden Fletcher. Domino Swift finds that she has somehow traveled two years into the future in a instant. When she returns home to Nova Honda, she discovers that the underground cannonball races have been shut down, the love of her life, Lola, has a new love, and Lola and her angry, grief-stricken father have been working for the mob bosses, the Producers, to pay off the debt of Domino's lost bet.

Marvel, Volume 8: Mecca. Willow Wilson.