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As an adult, she went to Late Again! Shared Reading Fiction.

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Poor Ming-he's always late. Because he was late for school, he missed out on a muffin from his Juan and his grandpa love watching sailboats sail the windy waves.

They decide to make a model Set 2 e Phonogram Flashcards Fiction. Phonogram Flashcards.

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Six different letter e phonograms help students build words:-ed, -en, -eg, -et, -em, -ep Combine the No matter what he does, Malik can't make his baby brother smile. He tries playing peekaboo. He wears A newspaper op-ed piece takes a positive stance on mandatory school uniforms Robert Mills's design for the Washington Monument was chosen in MS PowerPoint 1.

Months and days. Personal description dominoes PDF 1. Family sound files. Colours 8-sided spinner PDF 1. Car park colours PDF 3. Colour display cards PDF 2. Colours sound files. In town. Playground games and pastimes.

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Lunchtime MS PowerPoint 1. Intercultural Understanding.

Chandeleur MS PowerPoint 1. Parts of the body and monsters.

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Qui est-ce? Body and colours discussion circle PDF 2. Weather and points of the compass. French weather map PDF 1.

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