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Ideal for fans of Meshuggah , Gojira , Lamb of God , etc. Listen to more on SoundCloud or find Billy on Twitter. The track is beautifully catchy, with solid just-interesting-enough backing. You will have this in you head for days after listening, be warned. Find Dusky Sunday on Twitter or on their website. Based in Chigaco, Illanois, Blake Red is an emerging alt-metal solo artist. Her brand of powerful, passionate rock is inspired by the Seattle grunge, Alice In Chains in particular , movement but also contains compositional nods towards contemporary alternative artists.

We hear sections of ambient, modulating guitar set between big riffs and well thought-through leads under her strong vocals. Find more on Instagram or Twitter. Imagine a gentle, unobtrusive Daft Punk. That is the sound of multi-instrumentalist and producer Wyldhaven. Released early in December, Elevators combines intriguing samples with lofi, almost acid-jazz chords and traditional dance rhythms.

Follow the band on Twitter. Oxford disco-rockers Little Brother Eli are an interesting concoction. A modern indie-rock ensemble, utilising abrasive synths and electronic production elements. A band to watch, for sure. Follow the band on Twitter or Facebook. The track includes solid, dance-able rhythms with intriguing sample-mangling.

The Anton Phase Electro Clockwork Menagerie

Follow Owain on Twitter or YouTube. An up-and-coming rock band, The Rewind promising an authentic rock-and-roll experiences. Carter Fox is a producer and bassist based in Philadelphia. We can also hear elements of Victor Wooten in his bass playing, and Herbie Hancock in the composition. Find Carter Fox on Twitter or visit their Website. These chaps know how to write a hook that sounds familiar yet fresh. Find Matt on Twitter. Little By Slowly is a demonstration of how mangled samples can manage to feel ambient despite abrasive glitching. Much of the instrumentation here is sample-based, but it does include live instruments.

Follow Foll on Twitter or drop them a like on Facebook. Imagine a track that combines influence from The Beatles and Wilco into an uplifting package that belies the idle, procrastinatory lyrics on top. This Leeds trio have managed to create a unique, indie sound without being tiresome or wanky.

Good job lads. Listen on SoundCloud or find the band on Facebook. Hailing from Austin, TX, David Roseboom composes the material for Risky Motion as well as providing much of the instrumentation - as skilled an unique a vocalist as he is a keyboard player and solid guitarist. Trip My Play combines chaotic synth patches and distorted instruments with dreamy textures. This would be equally at home at a psychedelic music festival or a jazz club.

Fractal Art Blog - TRM Design Co. | The Fractal Menagerie

Find more Risky Motion on Twitter or Facebook. Wrapping-up this months edition is HF5 , with their brand of chaotic, distorted industrial electronica.

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How was your October? Satisfyingly spoopy? Yeah, us too. This eerie synthwave track is a fantastic, driving force for this post- Stranger Things , post-Vapourwave era. Listen to more on SoundCloud or follow on Twitter. A crazy concoction of metal and darkwave: groovy riffs, angry vocals and synthetic textures.

Listen to more on SoundCloud. Watch more on YouTube. He cites Burt Bacharach, Stevie Wonder and Kate Bush as influences - these all come through very clearly in this strong, well-written track. Check out this website for all manner of listen links. A soulful voice backed by tasteful chords and simple rhythm, I can see this track being a real hit in the middle of a live set. Follow Paul on Twitter or find more on Spotify. Reminiscent of early Dylan , this is a gentle, sway-along acoustic track.

Follow Kev M on Twitter or check out his official website. A selection of music, new and old, that grabbed our attention during September from around the globe. Released on Sept 19th, these tracks blend contemporary pop vocals with electronic rhythms and weaving, psychedelic guitar lines.

Listeners may hear references to Coldplay and recent Radiohead , but in a refreshingly well-produced and musically intriguing package. This new music video, dir. Hattie Hughes, shows the duo enjoying the rare London sun. You can follow KdotMelody over most socials: KdotMelody. An artful collaboration between Ross Quinn and Andrew Goddard fresh off the back of successful DJ and production careers.

Listen to more on Soundcloud or stay up-to-date on Facebook. A selection of music, new releases and old, which landed in our inbox or otherwise arrive at our ear holes during August from around the globe. He Arrived By Helicopter is a project leaning more towards the improvisational sound textures of guitar processing and loops with occasional synthesizers and samples.

A simply-arranged by very characterful track accompanied by an equally charming lyric video.

Warning, this chorus is a real ear worm. As we've followed them since the very early days, we're excited to see where this takes them.

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The single was released this month and his musical influences are clear: Mac Demarco , Allen Stone , Coldplay. The artist's first E. The Pirate Law….

Nigel’s Psychedelic Menagerie

Up in the Halfway Woods is one of the biggest and best Psy-Trance crews in the country, Tribe Of Frog, as well as the more relaxing Floating Lotus with chilled out Dub, Reggae, Folk, Soul and Electronic goodness and a rapping violinist and Welsh Choir fused with beatboxers thrown in for good measure!

Finally we descend back down the hill, into the seedy underbelly of BoomTown to the DownTown district. The Old School Garage are gearing up to play nothing but the finest in UK Garage and Grime, what happens in this venue, stays well and truly in this venue, so let out the inner garage fiend and get ready to be bathed in grime and grease and maybe a sprinkling of WD40… The beloved ASBO Disco will be on hand with their full spectrum of bass centric party music delivered straight to the face!

A new addition to the underworld of DownTown is the Spaceport, once a lowly back street bar this building has been acquired by the alien visitors and now used as a portal to other dimensions. There are of course the regular DownTown favourites; the Prohibition Den, with dark amen ales, moonshine and twisted bootleg breakcore; The Leisure Centre, the premier health and phatness institution boasting cutting edge musical backdrop of the highest quality, with cream of the crop tuneage emanating from the in-house Funktion One Soundsytem! The Body Shop, catering for the BoomTown residents every need in the realm of genetic, cybernetic and cranial re-wiring and improving!

With all the first five tiers now sold out, there are a limited number of the final tier six tickets available via the website: www. Tags: dub england festivals music party reggae ska UK. Armor-Lux Arpenteur Astorflex. Glerups Gloverall Good Measure Gramicci.

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