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Trim the length of the two drinking straws so they will fit in the area marked for the straws. Tape the straws into place. Place three pieces of tape in the marked areas covering the black circles to reinforce the holes for the kite string. Using a hole punch, carefully punch the two holes marked by the black circles.


Tie a string through each hole. Tie them tight, but not so tight that you tear the paper. Tie the opposite end of both strings together to one end of a paper clip. Tie one end of this string to the other end of the paper clip.

Make Fun Miniature Paper Kites - DIY - Guidecentral

Your sled kite is ready to fly! Try to fly your kite in an open, clear area outside.

Kite-Flying Gives a Lift to People of All Ages

First walk with it, then try running with it. What does the kite do when you walk and then when you run? How well does it fly? To make some tails to test on your kite, take a plastic grocery bag or other thin plastic bag and lay it completely flat. Keep cutting the bag this way until you have cut up the whole bag. When you get to the handles if the bag has handles , you can cut around them to make more rings, or cut across the bag to just remove the handles. This will probably be less than one grocery bag ring. Try to fly your kite outside again, first walking and then running with it.

How does the kite fly compared to when it had no tail?

Spring Kite Flying and Festivals

Why do you think this is? Use this method to connect plastic rings together without tape. Do this activity again, but instead of comparing different tail lengths, try comparing number of tails. Add them symmetrically to the back end of the kite. To enter, just follow the instructions in the box below. She shares inspiration and creative budget-friendly DIY ideas with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor.

Kelly lives in Atlanta, Ga. Have you ever made a kite?

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This is perfect for summer! I know my kids get so much more excited when they create their own items and are able to use them. Thanks for sharing! Now that the grands are older we may have to make some again. My daughter would have flowers and peace signs on hers and my boys would put lots of squiggly lines and shapes! These look awesome and with all extra newspaper from couponing i can make several with the nieces. I used t make kites when I was a kid. This looks fantastic! Favorite summer fun always has something to do with water. These DIY tips are easy to follow and it look like a lot of fun.

At the moment I am lucky to have four hours rest each night. Your email address will not be published. Welcome to the Living Well Spending Less blog where we provide practical solutions for everyday overwhelm. A great speed cleaning routine can help you quickly clean the house! Your house will look great is less time than ever! Ready to dive in? Here is what you need: One sheet of newspaper Make sure you get a large, full-size sheet.

Kite string Thin strips of an old sheet or scrap fabric Two thin sticks of bamboo. Almost done! A few tips for best success: Use the largest sheet of newspaper you can find so your whole kite is as large as possible. Our family loves flying objects. Note: This project is best made as a family. Note: My bamboo sticks are from a garden center.

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The lighter the better, so try to use the least amount of glue and decoration possible. Fold the sail in half and open up again. Glue the paper over it. Cut a piece of twine and knot it to the upper sticks on the left. Make a second knot to the right and wind up the twine until you get a bow stick-side shows upwards.