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Or maybe you expanded your business knowledge through cross-functional projects between marketing and sales, or manufacturing and distribution. Merger and acquisition projects can provide unique insight into the business operations of other companies as well. Inevitably, there are best practices that can be transferred in one direction or the other.

All too often IT professionals sidestep opportunities to learn more about how the business operates by focusing myopically on implementing new IT capabilities in strict compliance with the instructions provided by their business partners. Almost without exception, the only way an individual can have a broader impact on his company or organization is to work effectively with and through other people.

Experience in managing consultants or contractors; negotiating with vendors; participating on cross-functional or cross-divisional teams; working with colleagues in multiple time zones; dealing with customers, partners or suppliers; or leading virtual teams are all legitimate ways of refining your people management and leadership skills.

Reflect on your personal work-related activities and accomplishments over the past year along the three dimensions outlined above. Assign an A grade if you feel that you were given opportunities to significantly expand or develop your maturity along each dimension.

Give yourself a B if you made only marginal progress. Go with a C if you feel there was little or no progress. And finally, reserve the D grade for situations in which your development was curtailed, possibly through a contraction in your role and responsibilities.

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The test is simple. Hard work and professional maturity are necessary but not sufficient conditions for career advancement. Your employer has to hold up their end of the bargain as well.

IT professionals need to objectively assess the ability of their companies to provide the career opportunities they are seeking. Advancement can only occur when hard work and tangible accomplishments meet new opportunities. Professionals should be equally cold and calculating in assessing the extent to which their current employer is advancing or stymying their career prospects.

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Want to Join? Mark Settle is a seven-time CIO with broad business experience in the information services, enterprise software, consumer products, high-tech distribution, financial services and oil and gas industries. He is an early adopter of new technologies with deep technical expertise in software development, systems integration and infrastructure management.

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Digital Magazine. Awards programs. Resource Library. CIOs generally work full time, and about one-third of them work more than 40 hours per week, according to the BLS. Beyond getting an MBA and going through leadership training, it can be helpful to get advice from successful business leaders.

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Review examples of ideal IT cover letters and IT resumes to get an idea of what you should include. People who are interested in becoming [job name] may also consider other careers with these median salaries:. Source: U. Bureau of Labor Statistics , The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. Technology Careers Career Types.

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By Laura Schneider. Create business value through technology Strategic planning of business growth objectives Ensure tech systems and procedures lead to outcomes in line with business goals Oversee development of customer service platforms Manage IT and development team personnel Approve vendor negotiations and IT architecture Information risk management IRM Establish IT policies, strategies, and standards Develop and approve technology futures and budgets.

A CIO's salary can vary depending on location, experience, and employer. Source: PayScale, Strategic planning skills: CIOs must help develop and implement strategies and plans to help a business reach its goals. Leadership skills: CIOs are often responsible for managing and leading a large team. Interpersonal skills: CIOs must be able to work effectively with leaders in different business units to ensure a comprehensive IT strategy that benefits the entire company.

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Change management skills: Companies must adapt to advances in technology in order to succeed, and CIOs are at the forefront of helping them do this. Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand. CIO Salary.